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Mrs. Burman
Diwali Gift

This Diwali, my heart danced to a different rhythm as my son handed me a beautifully wrapped box, concealing a treasure within – the Guess Valencia Blue Dial. It was a gift from his first salary. As I delicately touched the watch, I couldn't contain my happiness. Every tick of the second's hand resonated with his hard work and the dreams he had been weaving. This timepiece became a reminder of his dedication, love, and the extraordinary Diwali that made it all the more special. This watch will be forever special to me!

Riddhi Shah
Stylish & Trendy

The perfect companion for my corporate girlies! This Guess timepiece became my silent companion during a chaotic business trip. Even during the frenzy of meetings and flights, the hard mineral glass shielded the watch face from the inevitable bumps and scratches of a hectic schedule. As I navigated through airport security and tight boardroom schedules, my Valencia Blue Dial stood resilient, much like its Guess heritage. It has witnessed my professional hustle, a reminder that even in chaos, there's a certain elegance to be found – both in time and in style.

Parineeti Chetri
Classy Statement Piece

If you are buying this, you have made the right decision. I've worn the Guess Valencia to countless events, and each time it has stunned everyone with its elegance. The round case and scratch-resistant glass make it my go-to for any occasion. What I love the most is its multi-function feature which adds a practical touch, perfectly blending style and functionality. Whether it's a milestone birthday, a family gathering, or a formal event, I have been wearing this ever since I bought it. And I am pretty sure this is just the beginning!

Anniversary Gift

When Dad gifted Mom the Guess Valencia on their anniversary, it clearly created a memory that our family will forever. However, I would certainly take the credit for recommending it to my dad. For me, it wasn't just a fashion recommendation; it was passing on the torch of generational elegance. Most importantly, it became an heirloom of love, wrapped in the timeless essence of family traditions. One thing for sure, this is definitely the anniversary gift of my mom's dreams and she has been flaunting it to friends and family ever since. Really happy with the product!

Shivika Moitwala
Elegant Timepiece

Wearing the Guess Valencia on my 30th birthday was just the right fit. It perfectly complimented my beautiful dress and felt extra special. The round case and scratch-resistant glass spoke of enduring beauty, much like the memories etched on that milestone day. It became the star of the evening. The irresistible blend of style and durability has definitely left a lasting impression on my guests. There is no denying that it is my new favourite watch. And my friends are also looking forward to buying this. For me, I cannot wait to wear it again!