Are you looking for a statement timepiece that seamlessly blends bold expression with timeless sophistication? Ted Baker watch collection, curated by Just Watches, combines timeless style with modern designs. Ted Baker watches don't just tell time; they are designed to make a statement. Just Watches offers a range of Ted Baker timepieces that appeal to watch enthusiasts with a taste for both fashion and functionality.

The brand embraces individuality, reflected in the diverse range of watch designs. Ted Baker’s commitment to creativity, quality, and attention to detail can be seen in each timepiece it produces. From classic designs to contemporary styles, Ted Baker watches cater to a wide range of audience with different tastes and preferences. Ted Baker offers a watch for every wrist and a style for every personality.


Ted Baker watches are well known for their commitment to quality, highlighting the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and style. From materials used to precision in design and attention to detail, the quality of Ted Baker watches is evident in various aspects. The quality of Ted Baker watches goes beyond the functional aspect of timekeeping. Ted Baker watches showcase unique and distinctive design elements. This includes playful use of color, intricate dial patterns, and attention-grabbing details, setting them apart in the world of watches.

One hallmark of quality in Ted Baker is the meticulous choice of materials. Ted Baker watches come with stainless steel cases that provide durability and resistance. The use of genuine leather for watch straps adds a touch of sophistication while ensuring comfort. The brand's use of quality materials extends to watch faces. Mineral or sapphire crystal is used to make the watches scratch-resistant, ensuring that the timepiece maintains its pristine appearance. Each Ted Baker watch undergoes a detailed design process and stringent quality tests to ensure you get the best product.


Ted Baker watches are not just style accessories; they come equipped with features that enhance both their aesthetic appeal and functional utility. Ted Baker watches for men combine classic elements with contemporary flair. Ted Baker watches for women are known for their chic and feminine designs

Quartz Movement: Ted Baker watches utilize quartz movement, ensuring precise timekeeping. Quartz watches are known for their reliability, precision, and low maintenance, making them practical for daily wear. This technology allows Ted Baker to offer watches that are not only stylish but also affordable and low-maintenance. Quartz results in the slim and lightweight profile of Ted Baker watches, enhancing comfort for everyday wear. The fusion of quartz movement and Ted Baker's aesthetics brings you a timepiece that is more than a mere accessory.

Mineral or Sapphire Crystal: Ted Baker watches come with two types of crystals to protect your watch. The watch faces of Ted Baker watches are typically protected by mineral or sapphire crystal. These materials not only enhance the clarity of the dial but also provide scratch resistance, ensuring longevity without compromising on the style. Mineral crystal, while robust, is more cost-effective and suitable for daily wear. On the other hand, sapphire crystal, renowned for its exceptional hardness, provides superior scratch resistance and a supreme level of protection for the watch face. Whether it's the affordability and style of mineral crystal or the durability and clarity of sapphire crystal, Ted Baker provides options that cater to a diverse range of preferences and style.

Water Resistance: Ted Baker watches offer water resistance, adding a layer of practicality for everyday use. Water resistance enhances the durability of the watches, making them suitable for activities that involve exposure to water. It provides you with versatility for various daily activities. Now you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities while making a style statement. Water resistance may vary between different collections and models, so it's suggested to check the specific details for the watch you are interested in

Straps Versatility: Ted Baker watches for men come with a variety of strap options that go with various occasions and styles. Be it a formal gathering or a fun party, you can choose both style and comfort. With Ted Baker for women, you can customize your timepieces to suit personal style preferences and occasions. The genuine leather straps give a classic touch to your watch while the stainless-steel straps are perfect for a contemporary and polished look.

Limited Editions: Ted Baker occasionally releases limited edition watches, curating exclusive and highly sought-after timepieces for watch collectors and enthusiasts. These limited releases showcase exclusive designs, materials, or collaborations. These limited-edition timepieces add an element of exclusivity and tell a story of craftsmanship and creativity.

With a balanced blend of fashion-forward design, quality craftsmanship, and functional features, Ted Baker watches, at Just Watches, allow you to express your personal style. Visit Just Watches online store today to explore the stunning range of Ted Baker watch collection.


How to maintain my Ted Baker Watch?

To maintain your Ted Baker watch, keep it away from water and magnetic fields. Clean it with a soft, dry cloth regularly. Store it in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct sunlight. Replace the battery as needed and have it serviced by professionals for routine maintenance.

How do I determine the correct size for my Ted Baker Watch?

To determine the correct size for your Ted Baker watch, measure your wrist circumference using a flexible tape measure. Ensure a snug fit without discomfort. Consider your personal preference for a loose or tight feel.

Are Ted Baker Watches water-resistant?

Ted Baker offers a range of watches with varying water resistance levels. Some models are water-resistant to a specific depth, such as 30 meters, providing protection against splashes and brief immersion. However, not all Ted Baker watches are designed for extensive water exposure, so it's essential to check the specific model's specifications.

What makes Ted Baker Watches unique?

Ted Baker watches stand out for their distinctive fusion of classic elegance and contemporary design. Known for quirky details, vibrant colors, and meticulous craftsmanship, each timepiece reflects the brand's British charm. Ted Baker's watches offer a blend of sophistication and playful style, making them uniquely captivating in the world of fashion accessories.

Are Ted Baker Watches suitable for travel?

Ted Baker watches are stylish and often feature reliable quartz movements, making them suitable for travel. However, they may not offer advanced travel-specific features like multiple time zones. Consider your specific travel needs and preferences when choosing a watch for your journeys.