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Superb for design and usability

I required a watch that would match my active lifestyle and also complement casual wear. For example, this Guess model met the bill as it was very sporty and fashionable. Its luminous green dial is quite vivid and all its multiple timekeeping features such as day, date or 24h mode make it very practicable. I have been using it on a regular basis for more than one month during my workouts, weekend activities and my everyday wear. It is very comfortable and the mineral glass face has looked after it quite well. I am very impressed with its accurate timing. The robustness comes with the stainless steel case and bracelet. It has exceeded my expectations. The cost is also a great advantage. A great option that provides the best of both form and function. I would highly recommend it.

A fantastic watch

While shopping around for a versatile, day-to-day watch to match my casual style I found this Guess model. As soon as I laid eyes on the green dial, its multiple timekeeping functions including day and date display plus a 24hr indicator did me in. Having bought it, I have used this product for more than 3 weeks and am really enjoying my time with it. It has precise timekeeping and the 42mm case is just a perfect match for my wrist size. I also applaud the mineral glass face that makes it scratch resistant. The stainless steel case and bracelet give a good premium touch. Given its premium cost, it is a good value. The watch has surpassed my expectations. It is beautiful and meets all professional as well as casual demands. A fantastic purchase.

Both Stylish and Sporty

Initially, I intended to find the best watch for my active lifestyle preferably this Guess model. Its green dial throws in some colour while the multiple functions like day, date and 24hour time make it supremely functional. When paired with the 42mm case and stainless steel bracelet, this model has a sophisticated-yet sportish look. I wear it during workouts, hiking and everyday use for over two months without any problems. It is so comfortable and the mineral glass keeps scratches away. The manual winding is easy when the power diminishes. Most significantly, I am very impressed by the excellent build quality. It appears stylish without losing its features. A wonderful purchase, which turns out to be my usual first choice for a timepiece.

An amazing everyday watch

While looking for a multi-purpose everyday watch, this Guess model became appealing to me. I sought something that was fashionable yet practical and this watch meets all the requirements. The dial is green and highly appealing, with multiple functions such as day, date and 24hrs time ensuring it is also very practical. I also appreciate the smaller 42 mm case which is proportional and does not overpower my wrist. It has a stainless steel case and band that offer good strength every time I wear it, I feel confident this watch will serve me for long. Time is accurate and it enjoys protection from scratches because of the mineral glass cover. It delivers great value reasonably. I have been wearing it daily, and there are many compliments to me. Such an amazing watch that not only looks but performs well.

Stylish and Functional Dress Watch

Guess men's GW0631G1 is a rare combination of style and functionality. The black and green color of the watch dial and square-shaped case reflect some sophistication that makes it perfect for occasions such as official functions. The multifunctionalities are both convenient and user-friendly. The craftsmanship is amazing, meaning it will last a very long time. This watch brings respect to me, highlighting my style both in a business meeting and on a special occasion. The dress watch by Guess is a continuation of the tradition of presenting what seems to be fashion watches that are more about design and practicality than anything else. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a smart companion that will enrich your field trip with its presence.