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Abilash Srinivasan
A Perfect Blend of Fashion and Practicality

I bought a birthday present for my sister, the Timex Fria Women Triangle Dial Quartz Analog Watch TWEL17701, and she has never been happier. With its unique 34mm triangle dial, this timepiece is very fashionable, while its gold-toned case gives it an aura of opulence. It’s light in weight and just 8mm thick, hence comfortable enough to be worn all day long; besides that, the strap is made from high-quality black leather, fitting well with the entire design. She values the reliable movement of quartz and the accessible analog display. It is a wonderful blend of style and functionality, making the timepiece a great new addition.

Pradeep Tiwari
Stunning design with a unique dial

I purchased the Timex Fria Ladies Triangle Dial Quartz Analog Watch TWEL17701 for my girlfriend, and she is absolutely in love with it! The triangle dial is something different and beautiful; it measures approximately 34mm across to fit her perfectly and comfortably around the wrist. There is an extra tone on the case, which is gold, that adds classiness; its 8-mm thickness ensures she can wear this timepiece throughout the entire day without feeling any discomfort. She adores the stunning black leather strap because this wristwatch is elegant and robust too. One could wear it for a casual day out or a grand event; isn’t it amazing?

Harshita Gupta
My timeless statement: Timex Fria women's watch

I fully express my evergreen taste by wearing the Timex Fria Women's Watch. This watch is characterized by the beautiful triangle face that is covered in a sleek black colour and has an aesthetic feel due to its brass case. I wear this bracelet watch with an understated appeal as it measures 26.50mm in size and features a black band of brass that clasps tightly using a jewellery closure. It is also fitted with quartz movement and is water resistant up to 30m which suits me in different engagements daily. The mineral glass gives it a long life and can be taken anywhere, all day long. Furthermore, there’s a one-year manufacturer warranty; hence it’s not just a timepiece rather than a dependable wardrobe accessory for fashion or functionality purposes.

Shruti Desai
My statement of elegance: Timex Fria women's watch

I love my Timex Fria Women's Watch- it is my statement of elegance. I love this due to its unique and contemporary look with a black dial in a brass case shaped like a triangle. This watch is perfect for me because it measures 26.50mm across and the clasp of its jewellery-type band made from black brass not only compliments but also feels good on my wrist. It can be worn daily since it uses quartz movement and boasts water resistance of up to 30 meters. A mineral glass makes sure that it does not get scratched, thus it looks like new. Additionally, with a year warranty against any manufacturing faults, I am assured about fashion while still keeping time through its well-balanced features.

Meera Singh
Modern and Stylish

The Timex Fria Women Triangle Dial Quartz Analog Watch is my modern and stylish collection of men's and women's watches. The triangle dial is one of this type, and its uniqueness and being catchy are the thing that make it the standout piece. It is soft and comfortable to wear, and it seems well-made as well. This consistent wrist watch gives accurate time and is easy to read. The apparel showcases adaptability where it can be worn with different outfits. I'm delighted with this buy and recommend it to anyone seeking an exceptional wristwatch as a gift.