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A Blend of Past and Future

I recently bought a Quartz Analog Men's Watch of United Colors of Benetton. The dial of 46mm diameter, blue in colour, fitted with a circular resin case, gives the feel of power, making it instantly attractive. With Quartz movement and no difficulty in keeping the precision, it just works well. The water resistance of up to 30m makes the watch versatile and fashionable at the same time. The red silicone strap makes it not only look active but also but also comfortable to wear for a long period. The unit comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, thereby guaranteeing it is reliable. It’s a timepiece that has been skilfully designed to complement both style and function while ensuring durability and longevity are achieved.

Vibrant Style for an Active Lifestyle

I lead a very active lifestyle and wanted a watch that could keep up with my daily workouts but also look stylish for weekend wear. The Benetton Iconic watch exceeds my expectations. The vibrant blue dial and red silicone strap make it eye-catching and unique. The resin case is durable yet comfortable during intense exercise. It has survived splashy swims and high-intensity crossfit classes with no issues. And it dresses up nicely for going out thanks to the bold styling. For the price, you can't beat the versatility, durability, and style of this watch. If you want something that performs during workouts but also makes a fashion statement, the Iconic is a great choice.

Stylish and Sporty

I was looking for a watch that could transition from the gym to going out on weekends and the United Colors of Benetton Iconic watch is perfect. The blue minimalist dial paired with the red silicone strap gives it a sporty yet stylish look. The 46mm resin case is lightweight and comfortable during workouts but the blue dial also dresses it up a bit for casual wear. It has held up well over 6 months of frequent use with no signs of wear. The mineral glass face has resisted scratches even when worn while exercising. For the price, you get an eye-catching watch that works for both fitness and fashion. If you want something but more interesting than a basic sports watch, I'd recommend the Iconic.

Great design but lacks durability

I was initially drawn to the United Colors of Benetton men's watch for its bold blue dial paired with the bright red silicone strap. The large 46mm resin case gives it a chunky, sporty look that stands out. However, I've been disappointed with the durability of this watch. The mineral crystal glass face scratched within the first couple weeks of gentle wear. The red silicone strap also started peeling and cracking at the edges. As far as function, the quartz movement is decent but requires frequent time adjustments to stay accurate. For the best price point, I suppose the lack of durability is to be expected. Overall, it's a fun, stylish watch but not made to withstand daily wear and tear. I'd only recommend this for occasional use. If you want something more heavy-duty, spend a little more for better quality.

Eye-catching watch for casual wear

I was looking for an inexpensive, casual watch and decided to try out this Benetton watch with its bright blue dial and red silicone strap. The large 46mm resin case is lightweight and comfortable to wear. I like how the mineral crystal glass has held up without any scratches so far. The bold, easy-to-read blue dial provides a nice contrast against the red band. This watch is great for weekends and athleisure wear but probably not suited for professional settings due to the sporty vibe. It keeps adequate time though you have to adjust it periodically. For the best price point, you get a fun, eye-catching watch. I'd recommend this Benetton watch to anyone seeking a weekend accessory that makes a statement.